I want to thank the folks who have been listening to the show, telling their friends, writing reviews, or supporting the show through patreon (https://www.patreon.com/faithdeficit).

There is some news coming down the pipeline that I’m excited about, and…I have to leave it at that, but it’s a solid reason for me to keep going and keep improving.

This show has been a huge learning curve for me, and I feel incredibly thankful for the personal stories my incredible guests have shared. I feel really, really lucky to have had these conversations.

I’m still improving as a host, and I’m still learning a lot about faith in general, but I’m so thankful that I launched this show, warts and all.

The one area where, as somebody who has studied audio engineering I know I need to improve, is sound quality. The sound has been inconsistent. Not terrible, but not at the level I need it to be. So. I am upgrading my system, getting a new mixer, and will work to ensure consistent and high-quality sound for every show. It will take a few weeks but I do believe it will make a real difference for the show. Cause if you can’t hear what people are saying, then why are you doing a podcast Josh? Good question Josh, let me me think on it.

Thank you again for coming with me on this journey, letting me be vulnerable and honest, even if it means messing up from time to time. And please – don’t hesitate to send me your constructive feedback. I want to hear it because it makes me better. Thank you!

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