Faith Deficit with Josh Bowman is a weekly program that explores individual stories of faith in an increasingly secular world. We speak with artists, musicians, faith leaders, comedians, writers, politicians, and business leaders to unveil what we’re never supposed to speak about in public: our spiritual beliefs – or lack thereof. The show includes interviews, personal essays, and discussion about faith, philosophy, life, ageing, and how to live with kindness in a difficult world.

About Josh

Josh Bowman is a blogger, fundraiser, and comedian who has consulted and worked in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and now Kitchener-Waterloo. Josh has raised millions of dollars for arts organizations, humanitarian and environmental charities, and universities.

Josh writes for the Huffington Post and the Good Men Project, and has been published online at, 101 Fundraising, People and Chairs, and a variety of other blogs. He was a featured speaker at the Queen’s Media and Journalism Conference (QMJC) and has interviewed Kyle Dunnigan, Ian Edwards, Micah Barnes, and more.

Josh is still finding his own spiritual path with the help of his English Bulldog Molly.