Episode 9 – David Miller

Our very special guest is former Toronto Mayor David Miller. David Miller was the president and CEO of WWF Canada, the Canadian division of the international World Wildlife Fund. A former politician, Miller was the 63rd Mayor of Toronto from 2003 to 2010, and served as a Toronto Councillor before his role as Mayor. He is now the North American director for C40 Cities.

David has spent his life working for people in need, the environment, and doing the right thing – informed by his experiences growing up in the church.

This is an exciting episode, as I had the opportunity  to speak to somebody I very much admire about his faith and his drive to make the world a better place. We talked about David’s experience coming to Canada and sometimes feeling like an outsider, and his belief in the Golden Rule. Ultimately, his belief in doing the right thing and in his own ability led to his successful run as Mayor of Toronto. We also discussed the rituals in church and how his faith has evolved and helped to shape his views on social issues.

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Anusree Roy and Dr. Mark Kingwell: My Inaugural Interviews

Today I am launching my podcast, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the two guests who are joining me for my first two episodes. Playwright and Actor Anusree Roy, and Philosopher, Writer, and Professor Dr. Mark Kingwell.

My first interview is with the brilliant and passionate playwright, Anusree Roy.

Anusree Roy is an Indo-Canadian award-winning playwright, actress and librettist who emigrated to Canada with her family at age 17. You might know her work – Pyaasa, Letters to my Grandma, Roshni, Brothel #9 and her latest play Little Pretty and The Exceptional…or when she starred as Nurse Patel on the TV show Remedy.

Anusree grew up Hindu and her faith has carried her through her early days as a struggling playwright, a deep depression, and her struggles as an immigrant to Canada. We talk about her history and how her faith impacts her work, along with a bit of a detour to discuss race in TV and theatre. You can download her interview on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or anywhere else you listen to podcasts. Or you can listen below:


My second interview is with the brilliant and insightful professor, Dr. Mark Kingwell.

Dr. Mark Kingwell is a philosopher and writer. He has published multiple books and has delivered countless lectures around the world. He’s a columnist for a variety of publications, including the New York Times, The Globe and Mail, the Walrus, and Utne Reader…to name just a few. He is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

We begin the interview discussing whether Dr. Kingwell is a Luddite and atheist, and circle around to Artificial Intelligence, respectful discussion, ethics, and much more. You can download his interview on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or anywhere else you listen to podcasts. Or you can listen below:


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Episode 24 – Dominatrix Lady Erin Pim

In this episode, Josh speaks with Erin Pim about sexuality, consent, and politics. Erin is the host and producer of both The Bed Post Podcast and The Bed Post Sex & Sexuality Variety Show. She is also a Professional Dominatrix, working at The Ritual Chamber under the name Lady Pim, or on Twitter @TheLadyPim1\

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Episode 23 – Aalaa, Abdullah & Ayla Rehman

Our guests today are Aalaa (13), Abdullah (11) & Ayla (8) Rehman.

Aalaa is a community youth leader who likes to work on projects especially for children in her community, with the help of her siblings Abdullah and Ayla, and her friends. She is a writer currently working on her first novel, “Sinking: The only way to grasp reality is to fade from it”, as well as a singer and video game designer and, along with her siblings, the host of #CANYOUTHVOTEMATTER & #CANMINORITYVOTEMATTER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN hosted on CKMS 102.7 Waterloo. You can read all about them on their website or Facebook page.

In this interview, we discuss their experiences as young Muslims, their many projects in the community, and their bold vision.

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Episode 22 – Parliament of World Religions


The first weekend of November, I attended the Parliament of World Religions – one of the largest, if not the largest, interfaith conferences in the world. The conference has happened in Chicago, Cape Town, Barcelona, Melbourne, and this year was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In this episode of my Faith Deficit podcast, I reflect on what it means to gather over 220 distinct religions and thousands of open-minded people together to discuss ecology, women in leadership, Indigenous issues, acts of service, the Golden Rule, faith, love, and much more.

The podcast can be found here, and I’ve taken a number of pictures that I wanted to share below. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!





You may have noticed that I haven’t uploaded a new episode today. That’s because I’m taking a short hiatus to revamp and retool the show. Thank you for listening and supporting. You’re great. I’ll be back online soon.

Episode 21 – Rabbi Yossi Sapirman

Rabbi Yossi Sapirman is one of the most compelling and influential Rabbis in North America today. He believes the role of Living Jewishly is to take “the traditions of Jewish spirituality and translate them into very contemporary messages”. This approach empowers individuals to embrace the Jewish narrative in a very personal and relevant way. Innovative programming, unconventional thinking, caring and warmth are hallmarks of his success and popularity.

Rabbi Yossi is also the Senior Rabbi of Beth Torah Congregation, a synagogue that transformed into a hub of dynamic and progressive Judaism under his 18 years of leadership.  Young and old alike find his style and enthusiasm to be a breath of fresh air as he makes Judaism relevant and enjoyable.

In this episode, Josh and Rabbi Yossi discuss their personal history, the Rabbi’s unconventional career journey, and how to interpret the Torah in a modern world.

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Updates and News

I want to thank the folks who have been listening to the show, telling their friends, writing reviews, or supporting the show through patreon (

There is some news coming down the pipeline that I’m excited about, and…I have to leave it at that, but it’s a solid reason for me to keep going and keep improving.

This show has been a huge learning curve for me, and I feel incredibly thankful for the personal stories my incredible guests have shared. I feel really, really lucky to have had these conversations.

I’m still improving as a host, and I’m still learning a lot about faith in general, but I’m so thankful that I launched this show, warts and all.

The one area where, as somebody who has studied audio engineering I know I need to improve, is sound quality. The sound has been inconsistent. Not terrible, but not at the level I need it to be. So. I am upgrading my system, getting a new mixer, and will work to ensure consistent and high-quality sound for every show. It will take a few weeks but I do believe it will make a real difference for the show. Cause if you can’t hear what people are saying, then why are you doing a podcast Josh? Good question Josh, let me me think on it.

Thank you again for coming with me on this journey, letting me be vulnerable and honest, even if it means messing up from time to time. And please – don’t hesitate to send me your constructive feedback. I want to hear it because it makes me better. Thank you!

Episode 20 – Kate Graham

Kate Graham is a yoga teacher, thai massage practitioner, spiritual guide, budding burlesque performer and freelance writer based in Guelph, ON. Kate is the owner of Simple Tiny Wonderful, a business that helps people make tiny changes to lead simpler and more wonderful lives. Simple Tiny Wonderful also developed what she affectionately calls ”relaxology” an intuitive and cross-discipline wellness modality.

She is also co-owner and founder of Stellar Seekers, a heart-centred writing community that helps creatives and solo entrepreneurs overcome creative challenges and represent themselves more authentically online. Currently Kate is getting ready for a trip to Europe where she will see her spiritual mentor Mooji and give simple travel advice along the way. She’s also writing her first set of books to help people live simpler and more authentic lives in accordance to their values.

In this episode, we discuss faith, the risk of cultural appropriation in the New Age movement, and how to follow your heart.

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