Kate Graham is a yoga teacher, thai massage practitioner, spiritual guide, budding burlesque performer and freelance writer based in Guelph, ON. Kate is the owner of Simple Tiny Wonderful, a business that helps people make tiny changes to lead simpler and more wonderful lives. Simple Tiny Wonderful also developed what she affectionately calls ”relaxology” an intuitive and cross-discipline wellness modality.

She is also co-owner and founder of Stellar Seekers, a heart-centred writing community that helps creatives and solo entrepreneurs overcome creative challenges and represent themselves more authentically online. Currently Kate is getting ready for a trip to Europe where she will see her spiritual mentor Mooji and give simple travel advice along the way. She’s also writing her first set of books to help people live simpler and more authentic lives in accordance to their values.

In this episode, we discuss faith, the risk of cultural appropriation in the New Age movement, and how to follow your heart.

You can download this interview on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or anywhere else you listen to podcasts. Or you can listen here.

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